Fruit Stop

Ollie Die Nar

Fruit Stop is Your One Stop Shop for fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Our business has been established since July 1999, in Pretoria, South Africa. We are committed to serving our community with the best quality products. Fruit Stop has evolved from its early days where the original owner Joao Antonio De Canha (Johnny), who operated a car dealership on the very same premises. Moving away from the car dealership business he formed Fruit Stop Gezina with Joao Cavaleiro (John). The name Fruit Stop comes from it being a fruit and vegetable shop located at a stop sign.

Our second store opened in April 2007 in Wonderboom, Pretoria and we opened our third shop in October 2010, located in Silverton, Pretoria.

Fruit Stop not only sells fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to the community, but you will find a much broader range of groceries, meats, deli, cheese, milk, spices and pet foods, just to name a few goodies available in store.

Our staff is trained to serve the customers in a friendly and polite manner, assuring that each customer inquiry is answered.

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